Course Description

This level focuses on Mastering our Day-to-Day + includes our top tips on software productivity. 

  • Mastering Daily Action counter-balancing 
  • Creating multiple "prime times" in one's day
  • Following-through on project implementation
  • Creating better stamina for action management
  • System + Process advice
  • Global Tips for software usage + process
  • MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint top usage tips
  • MS Project Setup Tips
  • Outlook + Email management tips

Organizational Development & PM advisory

Rose Hastreiter, PMP

Rose Hastreiter is a professional project manager, project management advisor, entrepreneur and facilitator who consults with organizations and clients across Canada. She is known for being a dynamic and engaging live facilitator who is committed to bridging practical information with real-world application and human understanding.Specializing in Information Technology + new Technology Innovation, Rose partners with organizations to help develop multi-disciplinary teams, manage change, develop and implement project plans and help bridge human needs with supportive technology.Her company, Direct Corporate Solutions (Canada), has worked with various clients over the last 15 years in assisting their organization’s development. As a public speaker and facilitator, she has worked with thousands of clients to date, across the nation, in various industries, both private and public, at local, provincial, national and international levels. 

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Our Energy = Resource

    • Managing our Energy as a Resource

    • Counter-Balancing our Activities

    • We are what we EAT: Energy + Action + Time

    • Action Checklists

    • Coaching Change

    • Duration Estimating: Mastery

  • 3

    Productivity Tips: Software, Email Mgmt

    • MS Office: Global Tips

    • MS Excel: Productivity Tips

    • MS Word: Productivity Tips for everyday

    • MS Outlook: Productivity Tips

    • MS PowerPoint: Quick Tips

    • MS Project: Setting up your Project file SO IT WORKS!

  • 4

    Final Notes & End of Beyond Scheduling Lv 3

    • Final Notes & Thank You!