Course Description

Everybody's got them: Time Thieves.Superhero Days. Marathon Weeks.

Interruptions, Distractions, Procrastination + Over-Commitment -These are real challenges to our productivity + momentum that we face every day.;

So, how can we better keep our action momentum? How can we follow-through on our plans to a level of excellence? And how do we move ourselves out of Non-action + Perfectionism towards Real Action + Excellence? For you Superhero Optimistic Schedulers, how do we minimize over-committing ourselves?

Monitoring & Controlling our plans + schedules takes effort, practice and practical tactics if we're going to follow-through on what we'd planned to do. So, let's get right to the heart of the issues and start making best use of our time - NOW.

Organizational Development & PM advisory

Rose Hastreiter, PMP

Rose Hastreiter is a professional project manager, project management advisor, entrepreneur and facilitator who consults with organizations and clients across Canada. She is known for being a dynamic and engaging live facilitator who is committed to bridging practical information with real-world application and human understanding.Specializing in Information Technology + new Technology Innovation, Rose partners with organizations to help develop multi-disciplinary teams, manage change, develop and implement project plans and help bridge human needs with supportive technology.Her company, Direct Corporate Solutions (Canada), has worked with various clients over the last 15 years in assisting their organization’s development. As a public speaker and facilitator, she has worked with thousands of clients to date, across the nation, in various industries, both private and public, at local, provincial, national and international levels. 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Intro to Level 2

  • 2

    Interruption+ Procrastination + Distraction + Overcommitment

    • Managing Interruptions

    • Exercise - Auditing Your Interruptions

    • Interruptions: Coaching Session

    • Managing Distractions

    • Exercise: Building your Distraction Mgmt Plan

    • Internet Strategies

    • The Power of Body Language + Unplugging

    • Introduction to Procrastination Management

    • Procrastination Audit

    • Procrastination Management Coaching

    • Perfectionism & Procrastination

    • Visualization Tool for Action

    • Over Commitment

    • Using the 2-Week Activity Planner

  • 3

    Final Review & End of Lv 2

    • Key Notes Lv 2 Review

    • End of Level 2